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Excelsior Swift-Lite Charcoal Tablets 10 Pack for Incense Resin  Excelsior Charcoal Tablets Blessiah

Excelsior Swift-Lite Charcoal Tablets Discs for Incense Resin 10 Pack

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These handy charcoal tablets are used to burn resin incense granules in total simplicity.


They are impregnated in a special substance allowing them to be ignited with a lighter or a match.

Once the surface has uniformly started glowing red, place the tablet in a heat proof dish or incense bowl and add your favourite incense resin.


Quantity: 10 charcoal tablets / discs sealed in an airtight foil tube.

Each disc is approx. 33mm in diameter.


Safety information. Always take necessary precautions when using incense, resin or charcoal discs. Never leave unattended and always let cool down before moving or disposing of.

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