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Shipping £1.99 - FREE on orders £20 or more
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LIMITED OFFER. 90% off Sample box in exchange for an honest review (UK Only)

blessiah frankincense Incense resin


Resin Frankincense incense sample box Blessiah

As most of you already know we have launched our website recently. It is really hard for a new business to start without reviews, so we are reaching out to our customers with this LIMITED TIME offer.

You will have the chance to purchase one of our Incense & Frankincense Resin sample boxes at an incredible 90% off and also FREE shipping. This means only 30p to have your sample box delivered to your home.

In exchange we are requesting you to submit an honest Trustpilot review after you have received your items and are satisfied with our service (further details will be in your box).

Limited quantities will be available.


Terms & Conditions

  • Only 1 item per customer.
  • Available for shipping in UK only.
  • Only one item will be available each time to prevent anyone purchasing multiple quantities.
  • Once an item has been purchased by another customer, we will make another one available to purchase within a few hours. This means you might have to check back often and be lucky.
  • This promotion will end Sunday 28 April 11:30pm.


How to redeem

  • Add our Incense & Frankincense Resin sample box to your basket.
  • Proceed to checkout, enter your email and details and then just before the payment page enter the code SAMPLE4REVIEW90OFF
  • Make sure the total is £0.30 and then checkout.

Good luck!!


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  • Charlotte on

    Thank you very much. Can’t wait to receive it!

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